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Hot adjustable pipe and drape for backdrop decoration

To make a romantic backdrop for decoration,pipe and drape must be the best choice. That is the reason why many wedding gown store owner prefer to the aluminum adjustable Cheap Pipe And Drape For Wedding Backdrop and stock them. Not only the upright is adjustable, within the range, RK upright can even stop at anywhere. For instance, 6-10ft upright, that means the upright can stop at any point within 6-10ft. Besides upright, the crossbar is also telescopic, though it can not stop at anywhere. Another example: 6-10ft crossbar, it can stop at 8ft or 10ft point. That is 2ft telescopic range. 

When the pipes can be adjustable, we will consider to change the size of base plates. On the whole, bigger base size can have stronger stability. So once we want the pipe and drape can be more stable in the wind or outdoor events, we can change the base to bigger size. Our hot sale size is 18’’ * 18’’ * 3/16’’ base plate, large one is 500mmx500mmx5mm even larger, we have many options for our customer reference such as 24’’ * 24’’ * 3/8’’


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