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RK Star Curtain for Hall Backdrop Decoration

Star curtain is great decoration for variety of venue,special for wedding and event decoration.Hall Backdrop are combined by pipe and drape.The LED Star curtain are widely used for hall decoration.We do provide both the pipe and star curtain.
Characteristics of the pipe system:
The stand pipe system are combined by upright,crossbar,base plate.It going to support the star curtain to decorate the background as the backdrop.We provide a wide length of the pipes to meet your different requirements on different venue.Available length as below.
Adjustable upright:3' - 5',4' - 7' ,5' - 8',6' - 10',7' - 12',8' - 14',9' - 16',10' - 18',11' - 20' ,12' - 22',13' - 24' ,14' - 26'
Telescopic crossbar:3' - 5',4' - 7' ,5' - 8',6' - 10',7' - 12',8' - 14',9' - 16',
Heavy Base plate:18" x 18",24" x 24",420 x 420mm,500 x 500mm
Characteristics of the curtain:
Size:Custom (like 3*4m,3*6m,4*6m etc)
Curtain colour: Black or White
White LEDs on black fabric (4 x 6 m)
Cloth material: Fireproof luxury velvet
Installation: Hook and loop fasteners and suspension rings
Light source: White 5050 LEDs
Number of LEDs: 15-18 pcs /sqm
Color of lights:Singe color or mixed (R/G/B/Y/W/UV/RGBY/RGBW)
Features of the controller:
Controls: DMX, program, music beats, full
Programme: 17 patterns with speed control
Groups: 4
DMX channels: 8
Data connector: 5-Pin
Input voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 100 W max.
Operation modes:All LEDs on,DMX Control,Sound Activated,Auto run,master-slave
Amazing Light effect: LED Star Sky Background Lighting Effect, backdrop with DMX Controller, make DJ more professional
Convenient: foldable, simplify storage and transportation;
Venue:Halloween stage, television show, wedding, KTV, pub, bar, disco, wedding, hotels, home, clubs, concerts, karaoke, dance, Entrance, etc
Note: Do not install or use it in humid or dust environment; In order to avoid reducing the lamp lifetime, it recommend to have some rest if it works for hours.
Warranty:Three Year; We provide the best service and high quality.Using high quality, fire retardant materials this LED Star curtain will last for years in your production or hire department.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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