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Pipe and drape trade show booth design for sale

Usually, trade show booth can be designed in various forms, like the standard liner booth, perimeter booth, peninsular booth, split island booth and island booth. However, according to the actual needs of users, pipe and drape trade show displays can be usually designed in the following three main categories.
1. Single booth design
A single booth is also usually called island booth, this is because there is no connecting booth around.RK offer standard trade show booth pipe and drape with 8 foot Slip-Fit Uprights and 6-10 foot wide adjustable Drape Support Rod. Of course, the booth can be adjusted according to the size of the exhibition hall and floor.

2. Single row in-line booth solutions design
The single row booth design is ideal solutions for layout. The whole solution can be easily finished just by connecting parts onto the single booth. For example, for two booths, just add a single back wall and side wall on the side.
3. Back to back double row booth solutions design
The back to back double row booth solution is more popular, money and time-saving. Every two booth share the same back wall and the neighboring booth share the same uprights and side wall. They can be easily connected and combined. Less time is needed and more money is saved than the single row booth if with the same booths.

The pipe and drape trade show booth is portable,easy installation,durable,You can choose one design to decorate your exhibition booth.

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