Aluminum Spigot Truss use in the event

August 18, 2016 in NEWS
Spigot Truss is widely used in the events You can hang LED, lighting, tent, sound, LED screen and banner on t ...
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Decorate Your Event With Star Curtain

August 09, 2016 in NEWS
Star curtain always used in our life Sometime when you walk into a dark room, but you can see a shiny wall, ...
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To Create A Romantic Wedding For Yourself!

August 05, 2016 in NEWS
Everyone expect that they have a dream wedding, especially girl You can image that there are flower, champagne, ...
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Customize your case from RK

August 03, 2016 in NEWS
We, Rack in the Cases, have long been the preferred flight case designers for providing an unprecedented standard ...
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Second Generation Smart Stage (18mm plywood)

June 17, 2016 in NEWS
This month we re featuring an exclusive promotion of RK smart stage, sincere thanks to most supportive clients RK smart stage is the most portable stage, adaptive to events planning Lightweight but durable, cheap but high quality ...
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